Studies & Master planning

EIS's way to deal with ace arranging embraces a worldwide point of view looking at the financial and social variables related with expansive scale advancement ventures. Our lord arranging administrations cover urban arranging, arrive utilize arranging, transportation offices, open spaces, and open administrations, and in addition condition and legacy preservation regions.

Studies And Master planning

These investigations incorporate Economic Impact Analyses; Energy Efficiency Potential Studies; Environmental Impact Assessments; Feasibility Studies; Geotechnical and Ground Engineering Studies; GIS Studies; Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP); Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies; Land Valuations; Marketing Researches; Population Studies; Real Estate and Asset Appraisals; Social Impact Assessments; Solid Waste Management Studies; Traffic Impact Assessments; Urban Development Studies; and Water, Air, and Soil Characterizations.

Studies And Master planning

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